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AFK Arena v1.105.01 MOD APK (High Damage)

AFK Arena v1.105.01 MOD APK (High Damage)
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3/5 - (1 vote)

This game is the best classic RPG game in which you can play with a wide variety of heroes from different factions. The main purpose of your heroes is to stop evil from demolishing the world. In the game, you have to complete battles and explore mysterious lands. Moreover, you can unlock many skills for enhancing your heroes’ fighting capabilities and powers. So, if you want to experience action and thrill, download the latest updated version of AFK Arena Mod Apk 2022 free from our website will all premium features. 

LilithGames developed this amazing AFK Arena RPG game, which has gained millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. In the beginning, you will get a few heroes; the remaining are not unlocked, and you will need money to unlock other powerful heroes. But you don’t have enough money, so you need to gather diamonds and money by defeating enemies. However, you will get many extra premium features by downloading the modded version of AFK Arena Mod Apk.

The premium features you will get include high damage, God Mode, unlimited diamonds, fully unlocked heroes, unlimited everything, unlimited coins, no ads, and many more. But when you play an official game, you get premium features by paying real money. In the game, you can take part in challenges and strategic battles in which you have to make game plans and schemes to get a victory.     

AFK Arena offers an upgrade option that you can use to make your heroes strengthful by upgrading them. This game gives you multiple battle modes, which include real-time and auto. Moreover, it would be best if you had a good internet connection to play this game because it is online. So, you must download this game on your smartphone to experience adventurous gameplay. 

Mod Features of AFK Arena MOD Apk:

AFK Arena Mod Apk gives you many additional modded features, making the game a bit easy. Below are some modded features of this game.  

High Damage:

In this mod version, you will get the option of high damage, which increases the strength of your attack to a sufficient level. Because of the high damage capacity of your skills and weapons, your heroes become more powerful. Then they can quickly kill the monsters and enemies in battles. 

God Mode:

This modded game gives you God mode, through which you become immortal, and no one can kill you. With this option, you can fight in battles without worrying about dying because you get infinite health. Then you win all the battles and get lots of money with each victory. But in the real game, your enemies can kill you, so you have to be careful.  

Unlimited Diamonds:

In the game, you have to collect diamonds to unlock strong heroes. For this purpose, you need to win all battles, which is a time taking process. But if you play our modded version, you find unlimited diamonds and money free of cost. Additionally, you will get all fully unlocked heroes for free and then play with any hero for fighting.    

General Features of AFK Arena:

AFK Arena has many interesting features which make this RPG game more thrilling and adventuring. Here we tell you some in-game features in detail.  

Adventurous Gameplay:

The AFK Arena gives you adventurous gameplay, which means you can enjoy action and adventure simultaneously. To experience amazing adventures, you have to find hidden places and face enemies to collect precious rewards. In the game, you will not only fight with monsters but also explore abandoned lands and conquer them by defeating all enemies. Moreover, you can also earn rewards by accomplishing side challenges and participating in horrible dungeon battles.  

Lots of Heroes: 

This game offers hundreds of heroes from which you can pick any of your favorites to defeat the monsters in battles. The heroes have been categorized into seven sections which makes it easy to choose from your favorite category hero. Every hero has unique powers and skills for fighting. Your heroes also have different robust weapons which they use to eliminate the monsters and complete the challenges. During the battles, you will also collect valuable rewards through which you can unlock new heroes and skills.    

Enjoy Real-Time Battles:

In this game, you can enjoy real-time or auto battles, which help you make more money, points, and accessories. In auto battles, you will select 5 heroes who fight automatically against opponents and defeat them using skills. While in real-time battles, you have to fight face-to-face with the enemies. Moreover, this game gives you seven sections: humans, demons, dwarves, orcs, high elves, and necromancers. You can choose from these sections and make your troops for fighting in real-time and auto battles.  

Upgrade Your Characters And Skills:

In the AFK arena, you can upgrade your characters and their skills to make them strong. When you upgrade any character, it becomes more robust and gets a new powerful giant look. If you don’t upgrade your character, it will not be able to defeat the strong enemies. Moreover, the game provides you with 20 plus outstanding skills and multiple weapons. Using these skills, you can easily defeat villains and monsters in battles because skills increase the power of your hero.  

My Review:

This role-playing game is one of the best, and I like it the most because of its adventurous gameplay. In the game, you have a huge variety of heroes from which you can select any hero and fight in dungeon battles. The most exciting thing about this game is that you can experience real-time battles in which you have to face powerful enemies. Moreover, the mod game gives you God mode, which makes you eternal and more robust. I suggest this game to those who want a fantastic classic battle experience with famous heroes. 

FAQs About The AFK Arena MOD Apk:

Is the modified version of AFK Arena Mod Apk safe and secure to play?

Yes, this modded version is 100% virus free, so that you can play it on all Android and other devices without any risk. 

How can you play this game on your PC?

This mod version is not for PC, but if you want to download it on your device, you don’t need to worry. By installing an Android emulator, you can download and play all Android games on your PC.

Does this game work offline?

No, this game doesn’t work offline because it is an online and server-based game. That’s why you need a smooth internet connection to link this game with the servers to play it without any problem.  

Why is this game named AFK Arena?

This game is named AFK arena based on an acronym of old-school, which means”away from the keyboard”. In the game, an evil monster tries to destroy the world, and you have to stop it.


By reading the above article, you will get all the information about AFK Arena Mod Apk with all its modified features. In this game, you need to stop evil from destroying the world by building your army of powerful heroes. You will get high-level skills and weapons to kill the monsters and win the battles. Moreover, you can play with all your favorite heroes as they are fully unlocked in the modded game. So, for a wonderful role-playing experience, you should try the upgraded version of this game. I hope you like our article. Thanks for reading it. 

New Heroes
1. Added the new Celestial hero: Veithael - The Shining Sword.

2. The new hero Veithael - The Shining Sword will be available to test play.

3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Veithael - The Shining Sword, as well as the Arena of Trials event "Guild Trials".
AFK Arena v1.105.01 MOD APK (High Damage)
Download AFK Arena v1.105.01 MOD APK (High Damage) 
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