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Animation Throwdown MOD APK 1.130.0 (Unlimited Money)

Animation Throwdown MOD APK 1.130.0 (Unlimited Money)
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If you are a fan of animation series, then Animation Throwdown Mod Apk is a game you should take advantage of. It is a thrilling card game where you can battle against players from all around the world. With the MOD version of the game, you can enjoy unlimited resources and enhanced gameplay.

What is Animation Throwdown Mod Apk?

The game is essentially a game of collecting cards with different powers. Use your skills to compete against other players in entertaining card games. You may combine various cards to release amazing animation clips of each cartoon character at their funniest. Take on your opponents in one-on-one card battles, where you must develop effective strategies. You may also play the game online, exposing you to a new level of craziness and delight. 

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk Gameplay

There is no direct player contact with opponents or teammates; instead, The gameplay is divided between maintenance tasks (acquiring cards, improving them, and constructing card decks from the player’s collection) and then playing battles against the game AI. New players are given a selection of beginner cards and a low-level starter hero from a list that includes Bob Belcher, Roger, Brian Griffin, Turanga Leela, and Bobby Hill. 

The main goal of this game is to earn resources to upgrade cards, get better cards, level up heroes, and access stronger heroes. The main objective of monetization is to speed up access to these upgrades and provide players access to cards and heroes with premium content. There is no “win” condition, similar to MMORPGs; players who have finished all episodic material typically keep improving their decks to compete. 

In turn-based gaming, the player places playing cards from a virtual deck into their hand into a tableau to compete against an AI that places cards from its deck onto the tableau; depending on the game mode, the AI’s deck may be produced automatically, or may belong to another player. The fight is won when the opponent’s hero is defeated; otherwise, cards attack the card directly across from them and, if unchallenged, assault the opponent’s “hero” tower.

Animation Throwdown General Features

 Engage In Epic Card Games

You will get access to a wide range of unique cards from five well-known cartoon series in this card game. Collect your initial few cards, combine them to reveal additional powers, then engage in titanic combat with other players. Get an advantage over your rivals to advance. 

Have Fun In An Exciting Single Player Campaign

The game offers an engaging single-player campaign where you may take part in epic adventures for those playing it offline. Go across more than 30 distinct islands, each with several worthy opponents. To earn new cards, finish the stages and defeat your opponents. There are also many entertaining games available.

Enjoy The Game For Hours

Also, unlike other games, Animation Throwdown lets players play their favorite game as often and as long as they wish. You will never get trapped in the game because there is no energy cap or anything. They spend endless hours playing this fantastic game. 

Unlock More Gameplay As You Progress

You will also be able to access extra gaming as you get farther in the game, which will no doubt gratify you. Engage in massive PvP combat with other online players in the epic Arena. And join Secret Fight Club together.

Join Online Gamers

Speaking of which, Animation Throwdown allows you to play with millions of other gamers online from around the world. Join millions of other cartoon enthusiasts in the game and take on a fantastic challenge together. Take part in the thrilling challenges every day and compete against online players from all around the world. Instead, join a guild and participate in various guild activities. Interact with your guild mates, exchange for better cards, learn from them, and engage in thrilling battles with them. 

Collect More Upgrades

Investigate new combos that will enable you to launch more powerful strikes. Moreover, the famous Mom’s Mystery Box may also include some new solid cards. Earn it via thrilling card fights and unleash the insanely powerful powers of your heroes. 

Free To Play

It is impressive that the game is free to play with all the fun features. Because of this, players in Animation Throwdown get free access to all of the game’s materials. And even while there are still some in-app purchases and advertisements, if you are a regular gamer, your experience will not likely be interrupted. 

Simple Controls

Currently, everyone likes to have their own set of gaming controls. You can maintain control, manage transparency, and have a lot of additional flexibility with the authorities in this game. The controls’ size and location are also adjustable. 


For all Android devices, you may enjoy the game’s primary and familiar visuals. The hand-drawn character cards appear to have just left the animated version. See your favorite actors portray your favorite characters from Family Guy, Bob’s Burger, King of the Hill, and other shows. Also, the high-definition graphics add to the game’s excitement.


Join your wacky cartoon characters in an epic card fight. Defeat your opponents by employing a variety of hilarious and filthy tactics. Feel as though you are watching a funny animation that you directed.

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk Features 

Unlimited Energy

You can play the game for hours on end. Unlike other games, Animation Throwdown Mod Apk lets players play their favorite game as often and as long as they desire. You will always have energy since there is no such thing as an energy cap.

Unlocked Gameplay

You will be able to access even more games as you play. As you go through the game, additional gameplay will become available, which will undoubtedly delight you. Additionally, you will engage in intense PvP warfare with other online gamers in the breathtaking Arena. Together, they create Hidden Fight Club.


When you laugh madly, explore Animation Throwdown’s engaging and exciting gameplay. In this fantastic game, there is never a dull moment. You are given a highly user-friendly interface for the game. You will only need to go further to use all the functions available on the game’s main screen. Thanks to the game’s intuitive design, anybody can explore all of the game’s features in only a few clicks. Finally, we have reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the Animation Throwdown Mod Apk are cleared. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Animation Throwdown MOD APK  available for free to download?

A: Yes, Animation Throwdown MOD APK is free to download. 

Q: Can we play  Animation Throwdown MOD APK with different players around the globe?

A: Yes, Users of this game can easily play the game with other players worldwide. 

Q: Is Animation Throwdown MOD APK a card game?

A: Yes, Animation Throwdown MOD APK is a card game.

Just some bug fixes and backend updates
Animation Throwdown MOD APK 1.130.0 (Unlimited Money)
Download Animation Throwdown MOD APK 1.130.0 (Unlimited Money) 
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