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BIMA X MOD APK V1.17 Download 2023 (Character Unlocked)

BIMA X MOD APK V1.17 Download 2023 (Character Unlocked)
  • Updated
  • Version 12.1.0
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer nebulajoy
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Since the early days of arcade machines and consoles, gaming has come a long way. Today, mobile gaming has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, offering a vast library of games that can be played on the go. Bima X Mod Apk is the latest addition to this world, offering a fresh and exciting gaming experience that will hook you for hours.

What is Bima X Mod Apk?

Bima X Mod Apk is a fighting game. Since its debut, the game has been downloaded more than a million times, making it one of the most played games. The game offers a lot of thrilling elements: Assembling equipment and acquiring new characters. Take part in action-packed combat. In the New Heroes Mode, you can beat every enemy by yourself. You can also train your personality. This game has a new heroes mode and a survivor mode. In the survival mode, you must combat your opponent while employing Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan as your teammates. You will also receive various tools and weaponry to assist you in combat.

Bima X Mod Apk Gameplay

You will begin the game in a gloomy world where terrifying monsters destroy everything. You must, however, stop them. The primary menu offers dozens of famous heroes and bad guys. Select your chosen character and begin combating evil enemies. The player must first choose and modify the difficulty level from the settings. The character’s distinctive combat styles add charm and humor to the game. The creator presents a variety of thrilling game styles in a seamless flow. To unlock the exciting levels, first, complete the early levels. Complex tasks and nail-biting battles will drive you mad in your search for victory. You can raise your player level by performing the tasks assigned to you within the time given. By doing this, you may collect valuable awards and rare things for doing nothing. Additionally, all Android devices are easily compatible with stunning 3D visuals. No additional hardware or software is needed.

Bima X General Features

Collect Items and Get New Characters

Bima X is an excellent game for putting together characters. This version is free to test if you desire new characters. You may unlock new characters by collecting things and eliminating enemies in the game. It would help if you combined things and weapons correctly to do it. This game is excellent for putting together characters. 

New Heroes Mode

You battle several computer opponents in this mode while using your preferred character. Everyone from beginners to specialists may play since there are five different stages of difficulty to choose from EASY, NORMAL, HARD, SUPER, and HYPER. Playing is easy to do. Tap the Punch, Kick, and EX buttons to execute moves. You may execute several special moves by combining them with the directional buttons. Anyone can carry out the show’s spectacular moves by hitting the SP button. Try coming up with some unique combinations.

Simple Controls

This game will only become competitive because of the controls’ extreme simplicity. Only three buttons are present: Punch, Kick, and Exit. These qualities allow a young child to pick up the game and begin battling like a pro.


You might wonder, “How do the visuals in Bima X look? Therefore, judging from the images, the 3D graphics are acceptable. Nothing is overly realistic, which is neither necessarily harmful nor advantageous. However, most live-action-based mobile games do not have visuals that stand up over time.

Enjoy Thrilling Battles

You may play this game to take part in thrilling combat and excitement. To gain new characters after beating enemies, you must enjoy the rush. You may play this game in various ways, including single-player battle mode and multiplayer mode (you can play with your friends). The user-friendly design of this game enables them to control their characters while they battle easily.

Upgrade Items and Weapons

Your gear and weapons will be upgradeable. You need a specific quantity of resources to do this. You can access various game resources by defeating enemies or completing tasks. They are also available as prizes on exclusive occasions hosted by the game’s creators. Once you have enough resources, choose one weapon or equipment that requires upgrading by going to the “Upgrade” section in your inventory. Then click on it one more to boost its stats and raise its strength.

Train Your Characters

Your personalities will be the characters you play with in Bima X. Each can strengthen themselves by leveling up and learning new talents. You may train your characters using Gold or Diamonds by selecting the “Train” option in their profile. Additionally, you can improve your present talents with Training Points. Select the number of points you want your characters to have prepared by clicking the “Train” button on their profile page.

Play Offline and Online

Most users are interested in playing this game but need an online connection. Playing this game without WiFi or an internet connection is a fantastic option the developer has provided. So do not worry if you do not want internet or WiFi connectivity. Players can also enjoy this game online, on the other hand. In the online multiplayer mode, often known as PVP, they may freely pair up with actual opponents. 

Bima X Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money

The game, as a whole, heavily depends on money. It would make purchasing specific improvements, customizing features, and unlocking new characters easier. But getting it is a difficult task. So spending a tremendous amount of time and effort might be beneficial.

Only some people want to do that, though. If yes, you can choose the Bima X Mod Apk unlimited money version. In addition to additional features that will enable you to benefit from an endless flow of money.

Unlocked Characters

The next item on the list is unlocking every character, which is last but not least. There are many different types of characters inside the game. And every one of them has a variety of characteristics. However, playing the game and leveling up would assist in unlocking them. Nevertheless, you may unlock each character anytime with the Bima X Mod Apk unlimited stamina version.


Bima X Mod Apk is a new and exciting mobile game that offers a unique gaming experience. With its intuitive controls, stunning graphics, and varied levels, it is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, Bima X Mod Apk is worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Bima X Mod Apk an offline game?

A: No, there is not an offline version of the game. Therefore, your device must have a reliable internet connection to enjoy it.

Q: Can I unlock all the characters without money?

A: Yes, you may interact with any character without paying any money.

Q: Do we get unlimited money in the Bima X Mod Apk?

A: Yes, In Bima X Mod Apk, you have unlimited money and can spend it however you want.

-- Added character's active skills quick upgrade function
-- Added fast switching function of story-level chapters
-- Added a function to re-read the dialogs on the level [Story Replay].
-- Added an improved movement mode in the deep recorder mode.
-- Added voice acting for some characters
-- Improved Optimization and a few adjustments.
-- Fixed a few known bugs.
BIMA X MOD APK V1.17 Download 2023 (Character Unlocked)
Download BIMA X MOD APK V1.17 Download 2023 (Character Unlocked) 
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