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Boom Beach MOD APK v46.79 (Unlimited Money)

Boom Beach MOD APK v46.79 (Unlimited Money)
  • Updated
  • Version 46.79
  • Requirements Android 4.1
  • Developer Supercell
  • Genre Strategy
  • Google Play
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Boom Beach is an iOS and Android freemium massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game created by Supercell. It was released worldwide on 26 March 2014. Boom Beach Mod Apk is a fantastic strategy game in which you will combat several enemies, with the finest aspect of the battle being that it will take place above the water. For you, this circumstance will be both thrilling and intimidating. A million individuals worldwide have downloaded Boom Beach Mod Apk (unlimited everything) 2023, and the reviews are also reasonably positive since the gameplay and user interface of the game fully justify them.

 What is Boom Beach MOD APK?

Boom Beach Mod Apk will transport you to the globe of islands and seas, where you may construct your headquarters and train your army. To grow strong and be able to harm your opponents seriously, you must conquer as many islands as possible. You will be responsible for all your soldiers and must ensure they have no difficulties while residing on your island. To make life simple and with fewer obstacles, you must gather sufficient resources, weapons, and supplies.


Android players will get the chance to experience their epic voyage into the vast ocean in the game, where they will fight the armies of the terrible Blackguard and drive these pirates out of their hiding places. As you retake control of the oceans from your opponents’ hands, build up your armies. Bring the islands formerly ruled by these villains back to peace and prosperity. Additionally, you are permitted to participate in thrilling raids and tower defense conflicts alongside millions of other gamers from across the globe. Utilize the numerous units and structures offered to you as you build impressive defenses and imposing armies.

Boom Beach Mod Apk General Features

 Build Your Headquarters

There are numerous stunning and eye-catching islands in Boom Beach Mod Apk. You may take control of the island and establish your headquarters there. Making the island your base of operations will be a lot of fun, and conquering the islands will delight you to no end. This game is highly intriguing and compulsive. You may take control of the island and establish your headquarters there.

Build Structures and Begin Producing Resources

After capturing an island in Boom Beach Mod Apk, you may create various structures, including marketplaces, factories, industries, homes, and more. You can construct resources and structures under your preferences and needs. This game is quite imaginative. You may showcase your originality by creating your resources, market industries, and houses in this game.

Participate in Battles with Millions of Online Gamers

Online games allow you to play Boom Beach with friends and other players worldwide. You may battle with more than a million other players in this game. Therefore, you can play this Boom Beach Mod APK game online with millions of other gamers worldwide.

Make Your Armies

By selecting your preferred vehicles and Armies, you can create powerful and impressive creations in in the game. To make your Army strong so that it can more effectively protect your city, you can select your favorite and most powerful character from the game. Making your army in the game adds to its pleasure and excitement. You may improve your army in the game Boom Beach Mod Apk. To make your defensive system more potent and safer from enemies and opponents, you may improve your army and increase its capabilities and powers. You may strengthen your army’s capabilities by obtaining the resources you obtain from winning the battle and the combat.

 Get Rewards

There are several daily, weekly, and monthly events in Boom Beach Mod Apk. You play this game every day only to check the daily missions and events because it is so compelling. In this game, there is a heck of a lot of rewards and prizes. You receive many rewards and prizes for finishing and participating in the weekly event.

 Use Weapons

With the ablest and most capable army, you may battle cinematic enemies in Boom Beach Mod Apk. With all the weapons at your fingertips, you can win fights with your army. These weapons are also available for purchase from the stock. To effectively defend and keep adversaries out of your city, you may enhance your army and weapons to match the strength of their skills.


Immerse yourself in Boom Beach’s action-packed raids and tower defense engagements while you play. The game will make you feel genuinely caught up in the fierce conflicts thanks to its stunning locations, awesome-looking units, structures, and strong visual effects. Besides, the enhanced visuals will make playing the game on mobile more enjoyable.

 Realistic Sound Effects

Enjoy this fantastic strategy game from the renowned Supercell while immersing yourself in the authentic and realistic audio sensations. Boom Beach’s intense gunfire and explosives will make everything seem incredibly genuine.

Boom Beach MOD Features

No Ads

In this game, you will still have to put up with many commercials that are too irritating and time-wasting. That’s why we can block all advertisements in the modified version, so you are not troubled by them.

 Unlimited Life Crystals and Money

In this game, there are a lot of in-app purchases because the game is still a freemium game. Therefore, our modified game version can be more intriguing if you find this frightening. Life crystals are the most crucial currency in the game. You can access various resources and building items with the help of life crystals. Moreover, money and coins are necessary to unlock new building items and islands. Just download the Boom Beach Mod Apk unlimited diamonds right now. It provides infinite money, so you can buy whatever you want, as you will get unlimited money in this modified version.


Boom Beach Mod Apk is an intriguing and thrilling game as a result. This game is quite entertaining and addictive. You may play this game in your free time, and you won’t ever want to stop playing it. This arcade game is incredibly intense and exciting. This game is playable on tablets, iPhones, and mobile devices. This is a must-try for those who enjoy playing combat and Battleship games. This game’s incredibly three-dimensional and potent visuals add to how engaging and enjoyable it is. You may repeatedly play the mission in the reply game, Boom Beach. You can also view the response to your combat video by turning on the reply mode. You may improve your combat abilities by viewing it. In the Boom Beach Mod Apk Private Server, you must overcome challenging levels and eliminate the monster’s enemies. The significant lessons you will take away from this game are how to build a defense tower and how to assault the towers of others accurately. These factors could also assist you in reaching the best choice in your day-to-day decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it necessary to build strategies in this game?

A: Strategy has the most important in this game because you will have to apply it every time to win.

Q: Is boom beach mod apk free to download?

A: Yes, boom beach is available on many websites for free.

Q: Can we play boom beach with friends?

A: Yes, we can play with friends as this game is a multiplayer game.

Bug fixes.
Boom Beach MOD APK v46.79 (Unlimited Money)
Download Boom Beach MOD APK v46.79 (Unlimited Money) 
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