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Burst To Power Mod Apk v1.4.1p2 (Unlimited money,Skill Cost)

Burst To Power Mod Apk v1.4.1p2 (Unlimited money,Skill Cost)
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Burst To Power Mod Apk is a Fighting video game of the finest quality. BOOLit Game Studio published it on Android devices. It has a lot of beautiful ideas and accomplishments in everything. The gamers will be incredibly delighted by the highly realistic 3d Visuals. You will feel like you are fighting yourself due to the intense battlefield noise of various strikes. You still have a lot of fascinating stuff to learn later.

What is Burst To Power MOD APK?

Burst To Power is a fantastic battle experience-providing game. You should take advantage of this game in the collection if you have a soft spot for games created in the anime fighting role-playing genre. You will like the appearance and feel of this game if you are a massive fan of anime or manga. Even though the principles are essential, they have enough depth to keep you interested. It has many characters with remarkable combat techniques and skills. You may collaborate with other players to create the best combat group. The game is simple to play. To reach the level of the ultimate fighter, you must defeat every challenger in your way.


In the Burst To Power Mod Apk, you must choose your character from various strong anime warriors and follow the game’s instructions. Each assignment or mission involves combating members of the evil enemy, and occasionally you will get the chance to go up against the enemy himself. To launch a particular assault on your opponent, use the arrow keys in combination with one of the action buttons. These minor hits will enable you to fill your bars and unleash a unique, powerful combination strike on your enemies or change your character into a more powerful version of himself while engaged in combat.

Burst To Power General Features

Unlock New Characters and form Teams

As you advance through the game Burst to Power mod menu, new characters become available. Each character has particular skills and combat techniques. Together with other players, you may join teams and use your combined strength to defeat challenging opponents.

Creating the ideal team involves a variety of tactics. First, you must carefully choose characters so their strengths and weaknesses play off. Then, try several team combinations to see which suits you the best. Creating teams is a fantastic method to advance in the game. Additionally, it will enable you to communicate and make new friends. So don’t be afraid to form alliances with other players.

Level-Up and Unlock Power-Ups

To level up your character and get new power-ups, use experience points. You will have an advantage in combat and be able to resist strong opponents with the help of these power-ups. There are several different power-ups from which to pick. Choose the ones that most closely match your playing style, then utilize them to defeat your opponents.

Remember that preparation is the key to success. To improve your chances of winning battles, level up your character and discover new power-ups. With the assistance of these resources, you will go one step closer to winning the championship.

Epic Wars

You must apply quick thinking and skillful control manipulation during combat. To carry out the essential activities, your character will have buttons. Attacking, defending, storing energy, firing energy balls, and flying are all included. HP, soul energy, rage points, and durability will remain constant in your numbers. You will be disadvantaged if you find yourself in a situation where you think you lack anything. To quickly reduce your enemies’ HP, try to damage them a lot. Give them no opportunity to counterattack continually, or you will lose.

Track your Bars

On the left-hand side of your screen, there are three main bars. They display the strength, health, and spirit of your character. Your stamina, spirit, and health bar must be kept full if you want to battle and use your attacks to their most significant potential.

Vital Transformation of the Character

It is essential to drive the character to the absolute limit. This is something you can do adequately when fighting. A hero will transform after their energy has been pushed to its maximum with the necessary materials. A powerful glow will surround the entire character. The fighting force will be multiplied at this point, like you are releasing a monster. All of the movements or assaults have been modified to be much better. Additionally, the speed is greatly enhanced, turning your target into a moving sandbag. More than that is possible to develop.


The graphics are rich and colorful. Additionally, they are highly detailed, allowing you to view everything. The visuals and music are the final but critical components that may significantly impact your game experience. Burst To Power Mod Apk has created a stunning graphics system with incredible visual details. The game’s primary visual theme will be Japanese animation, which is beautiful, fascinating, and creative.


A sound design that has been carefully studied to boost player emotions is also included. Leading developers have included music in their games to influence players’ emotions. Additionally, the game’s significant battle sound effects will give gamers an incredibly realistic experience.

Burst To Power Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money and Gems

Download Burst To Power Mod Apk unlimited money gives players access to an endless quantity of money instead of requiring them to acquire money or put it into collecting after work inside the game. You have infinite in-game money if you play the game’s modded version. You may purchase whatever you want from the in-game store using these resources.

Unlocked Characters

You can access every character and power-up in the Burst to Power Mod Apk unlimited crystals. Therefore, any character or power-up you desire to use may be used without needing to unlock them.

No Ads

There are no advertisements in the game Burst to Power Mod Apk. Therefore, you will not experience annoying pop-ups or banners while playing the game.

Unlimited Spirit Points

In this game, you have some skills to recharge, which can be used with spirit points, but in Burst to Power Mod Apk, you have infinite spirit points in the game’s modified version. So you don’t need to wait for your powerful skills to recharge when you have these points.


You should not miss this game if you enjoy anime. This fighting game includes the design of anime characters. Most significantly, this game can be played offline, anywhere, without a reliable internet connection. The game has a straightforward plot set in the “Overworld” universe. A bad guy from The Overworld owns the video game Goggle. Google is a compelling, evil entity that has cast darkness on the overworld. Your ultimate RPG game with all the features you could want is Burst to Power Mod Apk. It moves quickly, is complex, and is highly addicting. Burst to Power Mod Apk unlocked everything, giving you more advantages to improve your gaming. Download this game and enjoy your anime experience while fighting against your enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Burst to Power Mod Apk an anime-based game?

A: Burst to Power Mod Apk is a great fighting game and has the anime’s character and design.

Q: Is Burst to Power Mod Apk available for free?

A: Yes, Burst to Power Mod Apk is free to download on your device.

Q: Do we get unlimited access to the money inside Burst to Power Mod Apk?

A: Burst to Power Mod Apk is a modified version of the original version, which has unlimited money and can be used for whatever purpose.

- minimum android version 8.1
- required fixes
Burst To Power Mod Apk v1.4.1p2 (Unlimited money,Skill Cost)
Download Burst To Power Mod Apk v1.4.1p2 (Unlimited money,Skill Cost) 
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