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Car Simulator Vietnam v1.2.7 Apk + MOD Free Download 2023

Car Simulator Vietnam v1.2.7 Apk + MOD Free Download 2023
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3/5 - (2 votes)

Car Simulator Vietnam Apk is a game you will undoubtedly enjoy if you enjoy racing and driving simulations because it has the most incredible road systems and free-to-drive cars. 

With the help of the Car Simulator Vietnam, you can practice driving in Vietnam. Beautiful tracks across the river give you fantastic while driving through these kinds of tracks. Moreover, you can experience 4-seater and 5-seater cars in this version for free.

It is essential to note that Car Simulator Vietnam is also called CARSVN. So do not get confused between these two names. There are numerous free maps available for you to use. To experience actual driving, take your car into cities and towns.

What is Car Simulator Vietnam Apk?

A driving simulation game for Android devices is called Car Simulator Vietnam Apk. It allows users to operate a virtual car in a realistic environment, particularly on the streets of Vietnam. 

The game offers players an immersive driving experience with realistic graphics, physics, and controls. Players can select from various cars, modify them, and experience the open world. Those who love cars and play driving games often play the game Car Simulator Vietnam Apk.

What is Car Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk?

A modified version of the original Car Simulator Vietnam video game is available as the Car Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk. It was developed by third-party developers who unlocked premium features and added extra ones, not in the initial game. These upgrades could include unlimited resources, unlocked cars with customizing choices, etc. 

Players who want to enjoy the game without wasting time and effort grinding for resources or unlocking features frequently favor the modded version. However, it is crucial to remember that using modded APKs carries risks, including possible security threats and game instability.

Car Simulator Vietnam Gameplay

There are many options available today if you like playing driving games. For players looking for the best racing games available right now, a variety provides the perfect experience. There are currently a lot of free downloads for realistic racing games. On the other hand, simulation driving games are a different topic. 

You may also use this game to access the panoramic sunroof, smart key, handbrake, GPS, and many more features. You will believe you are driving in real life because the game is lifelike. You may even alter the weather by choosing between day, night, rain, and sun.

You may download Car Simulator Vietnam right now and have a good time. You can operate a 5-seater sedan or an SUV in the fascinating game made by Web3o Technology. 

Popular Vietnamese cars are available for test drives while you take in realistic surroundings and road conditions. You will have to make your way through confined spaces and flash floods. You will also need to manage the traffic safely while having a good time. In this realistic game, you can use the intelligent key, sunroof, lights, handbrake, horn, and many other features. There are additional camera angles to enjoy.

Car Simulator Vietnam

Car Simulator Vietnam Apk Features 


Here, you can operate 5 and 7-seater vehicles and 4 and 5-seaters. This is a pattern considering that 5- and 7-seater cars are frequently used in Vietnam. Therefore, if you have never driven a five or seven-seater vehicle in this location, you can do so for free.


You can move people and cargo with some of the vehicles. Therefore, stop

 at various locations to let people board your car. Additionally, you can transport baggage from one place to another.

Electric Mirrors 

You can move the side mirrors up and down like in automated vehicles. No need to perform this manually. This process runs entirely automatically. This is possible with just one keystroke. Simply press the button, and the mirror will instantly retract.


Very few or almost no games are available on the market that provides sun roofing features. But Car Simulator Vietnam Apk allows you to open your car’s sunroof so that you can enjoy the real scene on different tracks for free.

Change Colours 

Instead of switching vehicles, you can change any car’s color to your preferred one. Make your vehicle your ideal vehicle. Use various colors of vehicle paint, such as.

  • Black
  • White 
  • Red 
  • Taxi Mai Linh 
  • Taxi Vinasun 
  • Taxi Group


You can play this game using various tools, including the keypad, sensors, steering, and arrows. It is now up to you which one you prefer and which device you feel most secure using.


Changing the weather in this racing game is easy and exciting. You can change the water according to your mode. You can select Sunny, Rainy, and Dark weather.


The graphics are top-notch and realistic. This is a great way to make your driving experience more enjoyable. You will be able to see different landmarks and scenery as you drive. The graphics are also realistic enough to feel like you are driving in Vietnam.


The sound is realistic and makes you feel like you are actually driving. You can hear different sounds, such as honking, engine noise, wind noise, and tire screeching.

These are just some of the sounds that you will be able to hear. The sound is realistic enough that you will feel like you are actually driving.

Car Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money 

In Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk, you will get unlimited money to spend through which you can buy and unlock whatever you want.

No Ads

This mod Apk version does not have any ads in the game, as it is too annoying for people to play games and get distracted by the ads. That is why the modifiers have removed them from the game.

Fully Unlocked 

In the original version of this game, players had to collect money and then unlock items from that money. Still, in this mod Apk version, you do not need to worry about unlocking the stuff because everything will be unlocked in advance.


You must play this game once if you appreciate playing driving games. We sincerely hope you enjoy this game. Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk is a fantastic game. It holds impressive features and significant gameplay. The overall gameplay is very realistic. There is no issue with the smoothness of this game. The exclusive cars work as the soul of this game. You can change their color and upgrade their mechanism as well. With plenty of exclusive features that will keep you amused for hours on end, this app is genuinely distinct and enjoyable. We strongly urge you to try Car Simulator Vietnam Apk free download, regardless of whether you are a fan or simply searching for something new to learn. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I play this game offline?

A: Yes, you can play this game even offline.

Q: Are there different types of vehicles in Car Simulator Vietnam?

A: Yes, there are several types of vehicles in the game, including cars, trucks, and buses.

Q: Can I drive at high speeds in Car Simulator Vietnam?

A: Yes, you can drive at high speeds in the game, but you should be careful not to crash into other vehicles or obstacles.

Q: Is there traffic in Car Simulator Vietnam?

A: Yes, there is traffic in the game, which adds to the realism of driving in an open-world environment.

Q: Can I earn money in Car Simulator Vietnam?

A: Yes, you can earn money by completing missions and challenges, which can be used to buy new vehicles and upgrades.

- Fix the hang of not being able to enter the game on Android 12 and above
- Updated compatibility for Android 12 and above
- Increased FPS performance.
- Optimized CAMERA.
- Fixed trees, power poles being seen through
- Roads and houses are more visible
- More realistic car headlights
- Fix the error of setting the car number not to enter
- Increase steering wheel speed
Car Simulator Vietnam v1.2.7 Apk + MOD Free Download 2023
Download Car Simulator Vietnam v1.2.7 Apk + MOD Free Download 2023 
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