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Citampi Stories MOD APK 1.75.032r (Unlimited money)

Citampi Stories MOD APK 1.75.032r (Unlimited money)
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Citampi Stories Mod Apk involves players in the captivating interactive scenarios that the main character encounters, just like most SIM games that simulate real life. You will eventually learn the direct message this game is trying to convey through your choices. The main character can travel around the city, interact, and make specific decisions. At the same time, you will undoubtedly be thrilled by the pixel-style graphics the game’s publisher, Ikan Asin Production has incorporated. 

What is Citampi Stories Mod Apk?

A simulation and role-playing game with over a million setups is Citampi Stories Mod Apk. Your character gives your family a lot of money, so you must repay them. To discover happiness, you recently relocated to Citampi. The game is focused on a person’s life in general, such as how they mature with time, marry their ideal partner, have a child, and find a suitable job to satisfy their family’s needs. Take good care of your household. 

Enjoy the premium features with modified benefits in this alternative variant’s gameplay, which is incredibly entertaining while taking in the stories. Apply tools that have been obtained to use random tactics to make fun of the brilliant modes. Unlimited money is needed to access, improve, and enjoy the premium characters and tools. The ad-free environment with anti-ban features, security features, and improved accessibility to the tools.

Citampi Stories Mod Apk Gameplay

The agricultural simulation game provides players with a distinctive and engaging experience. The game occurs in a remote Indonesian village where players can engage with other game characters, grow crops, and rear livestock.

There are several stages in Citampi Stories Mod Apk, each with its own set of tasks and difficulties. In the game’s tutorial stage, players learn farming fundamentals, including how to grow, water, and harvest crops. New crops, animals, and tools become available to players as they advance through the levels, enabling them to extend their farms and boost their income.

The social component of the game is one of its distinctive characteristics. Other characters in the game, such as neighbors, friends, and family members, can be interacted with by players. They can assist one another by pooling resources and working together to complete duties. The social component of the game gives the action a new level of complexity and immersion.

Resource management is a vital component of the action as well. Players must carefully manage their time, money, and energy to make their farm effective. To maximize their earnings and advance through the levels, they must find a balance between tending to the animals, planting crops, and carrying out duties.

In-game mini-games are another way for participants to gain more money and resources. These mini-games are entertaining and challenging, giving the gameplay another level.

Overall, Citampi Stories Mod Menu Apk has engaging, immersive, and addictive action. The simulation of farming life provided by the game is distinctive and realistic, and its social component raises the bar for involvement and interaction.

Citampi Stories MOD APK

Citampi Stories Mod Apk Features

Explore Things to Do in the Area.

One of the busiest and most advanced towns in this game is Citampi. The main character can therefore find a lot of employment to advance his career. Simply open the directory to find a variety of tasks, then pick the one you enjoy most.

Information and requirements for each position will also be displayed entirely on the screen to ensure that each job is appropriate for each player. Let us start with straightforward jobs that do not demand much but still provide a means of support. In addition, Citampi Stories mega mod apk uses a real-time method. Time will fly by while you work on any task, and you can return home to relax when it gets dark.

Get Married and Start a Family

It is time to consider getting married and starting a family after living in Citami City. There is only one right person to be your wife, and the player will determine how the main character feels about each of the seven stunning girls. After several enjoyable dating days, the two will get married and have lovely children together. You must always guarantee a steady job and ongoing development for the best family quality.

Citampi Stories MOD APK

Classic Pixel Graphics

Despite only pixel-quality graphics, this game leaves us very pleased. Citampi Stories’ vast open universe will provide you with highly realistic experiences. To make the game accessible to all types of players, every aspect has been simplified. The humorous background music will undoubtedly make your experience much more calming.

Plant and Produce

In Citampi, there are many activities you can do to develop your character and earn money. In your garden, you can plant and grow various fruits and veggies. Additionally, you can go fishing, get a pet, scavenge for items, search for treasure, etc. 

In Citampi village, there are a lot of tales about how you appear. You must finish the missions and quests in all those tales with unlimited energy to see various personality types and earn numerous rewards.

Enjoy Having the Most Money

Gain the opportunity to be the player with the most excellent chance of gaining the most wealth in the game because, with this wealth, you can do things in it more freely and without restriction and make unlimited purchases. 

You can obtain coins by working, one of the primary purchase products frequently used. You can purchase a variety of items from the store using coins. And you are fortunate because this Citampi Stories apk has a modified version.

Citampi Stories MOD APK

Easy Control in Offline Games

The controls in Citampi Stories Mod Apk are as simple as selecting your travel route. Then, all you have to do to communicate is tap on the building or any other individual. Additionally, you can press the button on your goals. You do not need an internet connection to enjoy this fun game at Citampi Stories. 

This game can be enjoyed anywhere. The game has numerous levels, and each one varies in complication. As a result, finishing them all is difficult because some stages are challenging. However, there is no issue if you just want to enjoy this game for fun.


An immersive gaming experience is provided by the entertaining and captivating agricultural simulation game Citampi Stories Mod Apk. The game offers a distinctive and challenging gameplay experience due to its realistic farming techniques and social component. The game’s mod apk version includes extra features and advantages that improve the gameplay, such as Citamp Stories Mod Apk unlimited energy and money and all levels unlocked. The Mod Apk is undoubtedly worth checking out if you enjoy simulation games.

Citampi Stories MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Citampi Stories Mod Apk be played offline?

A: After installing the game on your device, you can enjoy it offline.

Q: Is it safe to download Citampi Stories Mod Apk?

A: Yes, the game is secure to download and install on your device if you get the apk file from a reliable source.

Q: Is it free to play Citampi Stories Mod Apk?

A: Yes, you can access all of the features and advantages of the mod apk version without paying any money.

Q: Can I move my progress to a new device?

A: By signing into your account or using the game’s cloud-saving function, you can transfer your progress to another device.

Q: Does Citampi Stories Mod Apk offer in-app purchases?

A: The game’s mod apk edition has no in-app purchases. The advantages and characteristics are all freely available.

- fixed: heart cutscene bug can be repeated when offline
- fixed: stuck after doing toy chest quest (From Dr. Dimas)
- fixed: friendship tokens and gold friendship tokens do not match the number of friendships
- fixed: android 7 and below fails to connect to the apartment
Citampi Stories MOD APK 1.75.032r (Unlimited money)
Download Citampi Stories MOD APK 1.75.032r (Unlimited money) 
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