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Conflict of Nations MOD APK v0.150 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Conflict of Nations MOD APK v0.150 (Unlimited Money/Gold)
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Conflict of Nations is an online multiplayer strategy game that has gained much popularity recently. It has over 2 million registered players worldwide and perfectly blends strategy and real-time combat. However, some players want to explore more of the game’s features without restrictions. That is where the Conflict of Nations Mod Apk comes into play.

What is Conflict of Nations Mod Apk?

Conflict of Nations Mod Apk is a modified version of the original game that unlocks all the premium features and removes any limitations. In simple terms, it is a modified version that enables players to have unlimited resources, access to all units, and explore all game features without spending real money.

Many players prefer using the Mod Apk because it saves them the time and effort to unlock features naturally. With the Mod Apk, you can immediately enjoy all the game’s features.


Conflict of Nations MOD APK

Conflict of Nations is a browser-based online multiplayer strategy game that builds your base, gathers resources, researches technologies, and leads your army to victory. The game is set in modern times, where you compete with other players worldwide to dominate the world.

When you start playing the game, you’re given a base, a city you must build and expand. The base is the heart of your operations, and you must ensure that it is well-protected and has enough resources to support your army.

You need food, oil, and metal resources to build and expand your base. You can gather resources by constructing resource-gathering buildings such as farms, mines, and oil rigs. These buildings produce resources over time, which you can use to upgrade your base and train your troops.

In addition to gathering resources, you must research technologies that give you an edge over your opponents. There are several technologies to research, ranging from improved resource gathering to advanced weapons and military units. Researching these technologies requires time and resources, but the rewards are worth it.

Once you have enough resources and military units, you can attack other players’ bases to gain territory and resources. The battles in the Conflict of Nations are in real-time, and you can immediately see the results of your actions. Additionally, you can form alliances with other participants to form a powerful force that can dominate the game.

Conflict of Nations is a complex game that requires strategy and patience to master. It is not a game you can win overnight, but you can become a dominant force with the right tactics and perseverance. The game is updated regularly, adding new features and challenges and keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Conflict of Nations MOD APK

Conflict of Nations General Features

Weapons Research and Production

The game is set in the present, and you can set up an R&D team to investigate how to make various weapons for your army. Once they have done so, you can produce these weapons in your factories. This will also boost your military might.

Start World War 3

In this game, you can perform actions that will trigger World War 3 if you want to create chaos and mayhem. Yes, you will be the one to initiate the game’s mighty war. But ensure you also have the means and tools necessary to cope with the consequences.

Conflict of Nations MOD APK

Preventing Violence

Making decisions that can prevent conflict at all costs enables you to play a friendly and cooperative role. You can create global peace and stop the war before it breaks out.

Choose Your Nation

The nation’s choice to compete is another significant and unexpected aspect of this game. There will be three rich nations to select from. Either the western, European, or Eastern group. You are allowed to select from those.

Employ a Range of Attacks

You will declare war on various states as a sovereign power and show off your military strength. Use weapons, conduct numerous aerial and marine assaults, or dispatch your tanks on additional land missions. Prepare your fighter birds to drop bombs and launch missiles from the skies. You can also dominate the seas due to your dependable naval force. You’ll use weaponry such as tanks, nuclear bombs, and other weapons as you fight across the landscape.

Must Develop a Plan

The game will reward you for your ability to formulate policies because it depends on your best approach. First, understand your friend and your enemy. Second, help other countries take the initiative in the battle for life. Third, make allies to fight the common enemy. Fourth, secretly weaken your adversaries’ military and economic power so that you can rule the world. Finally, to effectively protect your boundaries, you must take serious action.

Conflict of Nations MOD APK

World Policy

Do not assume you can cut yourself off from the rest of the world because the game is played globally. Other countries will be impacted by the decisions you make. To succeed, remember that your actions will impact the world.

Conflict of Nations Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Resources

The Mod Apk gives players unlimited resources to build and upgrade their base, units, and research. This feature eliminates the need to gather resources, which can be time-consuming.

Unlock all Units

With the Mod Apk, players can unlock all the units in the game. This feature allows players to build an army with any unit they desire, giving them an edge over their opponents.

No Ads

One of the annoying aspects of playing the original game is the constant display of ads. The Mod Apk removes all the ads, allowing players to enjoy the game without distractions.

Free Premium Features

The Mod Apk unlocks all the game’s premium features that require real money. Players can enjoy the full range of features without spending a dime.

Real-time Gameplay

To succeed, players must make quick, intelligent choices.

Resource Management

Regarding funding their military activities, players must manage their resources, such as gold and oil.

Conflict of Nations MOD APK

Multiplayer gameplay

Players can engage in real-time internet competition with other players.


Conflict of Nations is an exciting multiplayer strategy game that provides players with a distinctive and challenging gameplay experience. The game requires a lot of strategic planning, resource management, and research to succeed. While the original game is free, some players opt for the Conflict of Nations Mod Apk to gain an edge over their opponents.

Conflict of Nations is excellent for players who enjoy strategy games and real-time combat. With regular updates and new features, the game continues to offer players new challenges and opportunities for growth. Players who are prepared to invest the necessary time and effort to master the game will find it to be a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Conflict of Nations free to play?

A: Yes, the original game is free to play. However, some players may choose to use the Conflict of Nations Mod Apk, which is not legal and can result in a ban from the game.

Q: What type of game is Conflict of Nations?

A: Conflict of Nations is a browser-based online multiplayer strategy game that requires players to build and expand their base, gather resources, research technologies, and lead their army to victory.

Q: Can I play Conflict of Nations on my phone?

A: Yes, you can play Conflict of Nations on your phone by accessing the game through your browser. However, the game is designed for desktop play and may not be optimized for mobile devices.

Q: Can I join alliances with other players in the Conflict of Nations?

A: Yes, you can join alliances with other players in the Conflict of Nations. Joining an alliance allows you to form a powerful force that can dominate the game.

General bug fixes and performance improvements.
Conflict of Nations MOD APK v0.150 (Unlimited Money/Gold)
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