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Extra Lives Mod APK v1.149 (All Unlocked) 2023

Extra Lives Mod APK v1.149 (All Unlocked) 2023
  • Updated
  • Version 1.14
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developer MDickie
  • Genre Adventure
  • Google Play
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By saving the earth or humanity from this disaster, Extra Lives Mod Apk gives you a chance to save the world. Take your superman costume from the selection of roleplaying characters that is accessible, and then bravely stand on the battlefield. Create the most powerful and enhanced character possible to handle the crisis and drive those cretins away while defending the human race.

What is Extra Lives Mod Apk?

The Extra Lives Mod Apk is an alternative and modified version of the original gameplay that provides users with improved protocols and features. You may download it from our website here. You can use the premium features, unlimited money, and unlimited reward points that we offer in this mod variant to unlock the characters and locations. Create characters with their accessories unlocked, and improve your tools and weapons. For various high-game-level needs, free shopping is provided to buy in-store tools. His version gives the antiban and antivirus properties in the gameplay, combined with the no-ads policy, and does not require rooting during download. The game has disabled and eliminated all ads.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Gameplay

8 fighting groups claim 200 different characters in this game. Each of these groups has unique ideas and methods for resolving global issues. Your primary responsibility after you enter the game will be to put the area back in order. Make sure to unite all the groups to guide the area toward a common objective. You will need to travel to more than 50 places to do this.

However, the path to reestablishing order will take work. You will need to collect interactive items that will help in your exploration. Make sure your weapon has unique methods for eliminating your enemies. With this method, you can be confident that you will accomplish your goals with no trouble.

Zombies and heartless people are two of your most challenging enemies. As a result, if you want to succeed in the games, you must constantly improve your fighting abilities. You can decide how many zombies you want to battle at first. This enables a gradual introduction to the gameplay as you gather weapons and acquire special fighting techniques.

Extra Lives Mod APK

Extra Lives General Features

Customize your Characters Freely

You can freely build and personalize your in-game characters, enhancing the gaming experience. Please feel free to modify your profile by adding several adjustable details. Create your character’s stats according to some default settings. Modify your outfits and accessories to increase the enjoyment and excitement of the game. Most significantly, Extra Lives should make your in-game experiences far more enjoyable and thrilling due to its many fascinating personalization options.

Use Immersive Narratives to Learn the Stories

Extra Lives will introduce Android players to immersive narratives throughout their in-game adventures. These narratives will successfully convey the fantastic stories of your encounters with zombies or your attempts to survive them. All of this makes the narrative quite captivating and immersive overall. Enhancing all of your in-game activities when using Extra Lives.

Become a Member of Various Warring Factions

Android players will appreciate the action-packed gameplay of Extra Lives’ mobile actions, which features 8 distinct warring factions at battle with one another, each with its distinctive characteristics. Despite their various ideals and views, they all share the desire to exterminate the zombies and give humanity a chance. You can choose between each side and join one in their ultimate mission to exterminate zombies and other opponents.

Several Characters to Play and Interact with

Additionally, Extra Lives gives a variety of playable characters, so the game will be more engaging. With over 200 characters to choose from straight once, each with unique qualities and features, the in-game narratives should become much more engaging. Enjoy Extra Lives as you unlock a tonne of entertaining gameplay and interactivity by diving into your selection of stories.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Features

Free to Use

Android gamers can still play Extra Lives on any mobile device for free despite all the entertaining in-game features. You do not need to pay to participate in the exciting fighting activities available here.

Unlocked Version

Enjoy playing the game in its unlocked version. However, ads and in-game purchases will always be available, as the game is still freemium. Additionally, you can play the game on our website in its altered form. Here, we offer unlimited in-game purchases, no advertisements, and several entertaining features. All these are easily enabled with our Extra Lives Mod Apk all unlocked.

Touch-based Controls

The Extra Lives Mod Apk has a slick touchscreen interface. Playing on a sandbox map will let you easily customize and advance your narrative. You will not want to get up from your sofa or leave the Extra Lives Mod Apk because the UI is generally so fluid.


The stunning colors and graphics play a big part in how the story develops. The graphics give your story a more mature and complete feel. The Extra Lives Mod Apk can be downloaded and played on any Android device due to these graphics.

Extra Lives Mod APK

Sound & Music

With storylines, music, or sound effects, your story will stay strong. The Extra Lives Full Unlocked Apk includes music and sound in line with your story and the character you are playing to give you an entire vibe of your character. Enjoy your role-playing, then.

Eight Fighting Groups

In the game, more than eight competing groups are at war. However, they are cooperating to defeat the zombies in these trying times. So, for the time being, you must join one of them. Everyone will cooperate to destroy the zombies, but once they are gone, you will fight from your faction to kill others and establish your community’s rules.

50+ Locations to Explore

The Extra Lives Mod Apk infinite will allow you to download and play the game in more than 50 different locations, where you can switch between options and carry out the same actions, such as slaying zombies with the help of immersive storylines.

Thrilling Battle

Exciting battles with a tonne of interactivity. Extra Lives vip unlocked also provides a selection of interactive items you can choose from and use against your opponents as you engage in spectacular in-game conflicts. As you slam fascinating objects into your opponents and engage in ever more deadly battles, enjoy the spectacular combat gameplay of Extra Lives even more. Instead of just a few simple punches and kicks, the game will let you have fun with great gunfights, swordplay, and more.


Download the game to experience roleplaying as a hero against opposing factions, enormous arsenals, and weaponry to kill and ensure the bodies’ survival while dealing with zombies in various ways. You may upgrade and improve the characters, tools, skills, and more in this Extra Lives mod apk by using the unlimited money and points. Premium features are unlocked, game levels unlocked, free shopping options, no advertisements, no rooting, and more functions of uninterrupted flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to pay to use the mod APK?

A: No cost is associated with downloading Extra Lives unlocked 2023. You may download a customized version of Extra Lives Unlimited Health and Ammo for free from this website.

Q: Is there a chance that Extra Lives Unlimited Health will ban you?

A: No, Extra Lives Mod is not an official app. it is a third-party app. Because of this, it cannot ban your Extra Lives account.

Q: What is the Extra Lives Infinite APK’s most recent version?

A: The Extra Lives Game’s most recent update is version 1.14.

Q: What is the default package for Extra Lives Mod Menu?

A: Air is the Extra Lives Pro package that comes standard. Additionally, you can modify it in the options.

- Wider display for enhanced compatibility with modern phones in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- Faster frame rate recommended by default (130%).
Extra Lives Mod APK v1.149 (All Unlocked) 2023
Download Extra Lives Mod APK v1.149 (All Unlocked) 2023 
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