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Heroes Strike Offline v90 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Heroes Strike Offline v90 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
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In today’s era, online games are gaining immense popularity among gamers. But what if you are in a place where you do not have an internet connection? Offline games come to the rescue in such situations. One such popular offline game is Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk. 

The amazing MOBA game Heroes Strike Offline is available on mobile devices. This is a dynamic 3D game with incredibly realistic effects and lovely settings. It is a fighting game where you pick the heroes in your squad to battle other players. Several game types are available, including the 3v3 MOBA, the 12-Player Battle Royal, and others. This game was developed and published by Wolf Fun Pte Ltd. This game is available on Android and iOS platforms.

What is Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk?

Action game Hero Strike Offline Mod Apk allows you to play with the help of many characters. There are two distinct modes in this game, and you may play each of them. This game is also enjoyable when played with friends. You can employ various strategies to win the game and defeat your opponent. Wolf Fun Pte Ltd tried to include all the required features to make this game ideal for any game enthusiast.

Several modes in this game will win you over. You may have a lot of fun playing in both the king and multiplayer modes, which are both included. In addition, this game has a variety of heroes, and each of them has unique skills that may be used to your advantage while playing. Many power-ups will be given to you in this game as well. 


While its two distinct genres are in action, The Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk becomes interesting. You get to participate in a 12-player match in the battle royale game mode, but 11 participants are AI agents or computer opponents whose playing styles and other attributes you may choose. Here, your only goal is to survive to the bitter finish. 

In the second MOBA mode, 3 vs 3 battles lasting at most 4 minutes are to be expected. In this mode, you can fight alongside 3 heroes, and like in the battle royale, AI agents will be your opponents. Bit Heroes and this game are comparable.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

Heroes Strike Offline General Features 


A fantastic brawl shooting game with excellent visuals is called Heroes Strike Offline. It features stunning 3D visuals with finely detailed effects and lovely settings. The variety of settings and distinctive maps make the game more engaging.

Smooth Controls

You can simply control everything on the screen because the controls for this game are so simple. Use easy touchscreen controls to execute your strategies and fire weapons at your opponents. 

Different Heroes With Great Abilities

The heroes or characters in this game come in various types, and when I say different, I do not just mean that they look different. They all feature unique abilities, fighting styles, and more, all of which you may unlock and own to the fullest extent possible. 

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

Fully Offline Game

The offline functionality that the game introduces is its main selling point. You may play the game wherever you choose because more stuff is available without online connectivity. 

Unique Skills

It is a fantastic and unique approach to modifying your hero’s skills. You can select and add up to five talents to your heroes before the contest begins. With these abilities, you can develop more effective methods.

PVP Mode

This game has a PVP mode allowing you to play with friends. Additionally, this game has a 3 vs 3 combat, so you may fight with the other 3 Heroes while having up to 2 more heroes on your side. 

Get Multiple Boosters

You will also receive several boosters while playing that will help improve your hero’s powers. In addition, each Hero has five specific skills, and you can also improve them. 

Quick Matches

You may also choose the quick matches in this game. These brief matches last only four minutes and are an option if you cannot compete in the longer matchups. 

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

Little Storage Required

This game is relatively small, making it simple to download and play on devices with limited storage. 

Battle Royal Mode

This game has a Battle Royale mode in which you must defend yourself at all costs, engage in combat with your enemies, and distinguish yourself from other players to live. 

Play MOBA Mode

There is also an offline MOBA mode in this Heroes Strike unlimited gems. You have three heroes at your side, each with two regular and one particular skill that may be utilized in battle, and a 4-minute long 3 against 3 fight is waiting for you. 

Free to play

When you first start playing this MOBA game, a wide variety of heroes from each class are available, along with their respective powers. While you may speed up your progress by purchasing some in-game money, you can unlock a lot by playing the game regularly and completing challenges and levels to win prizes. 

The game progresses well, and you will not feel like obnoxious in-game demands for real money or excessive advertisements are wasting your time. Furthermore, if you play the game long enough, every item is accessible for free. 

Heroes Strike Mod Apk Features 

Unlimited Gems

You may download the Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk unlimited money and gems for limitless gems. All in-game purchases have been deleted from this modified game. Everything is readily available in this game, even luxury stuff. 

No Ads

Because many of us hate in-game advertisements, this modified version has all gone. In addition, this game does not include ads, so that you may play without interruption.

Unlimited Boosters

You will receive unlimited boosters in the updated version of this game to help you win games. 

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk


If you enjoy action-fighting games, you should only play The game. This game is a must-have for everyone since it offers competitive gaming offline with well-designed AI opponents and premium goodies that have been unlocked for you in this updated edition. A fantastic game called Hero Strike Offline unlock all heroes has various Heroes with various power-ups and boosters. In addition, hero Strike’s offline multiplayer mode may be fun to play. 

You may choose the modified version of this game. With fascinating game styles, Heroes Strike Mod Apk unlock all characters is a free MOBA game. Choose the most extraordinary talents to create your tactics, then gather your favorite heroes. Experience distinct maps and various weapons to destroy ground-based opponents. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can we play Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk online?

A: No, As we can see in the title, it has offline support, so we can not play this game online. 

Q: Is this game available for free?

A: Yes, this game can be downloaded for free from the websites. 

Q: Does Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk take up massive space for downloading?

A: No, the game is a small file size to download. It takes little space to download.

Fix bug and improve game performance
Heroes Strike Offline v90 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)
Download Heroes Strike Offline v90 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 
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