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Jump Force Mugen Apk v10 For Android

Jump Force Mugen Apk v10 For Android
  • Updated
  • Version v10.4
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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Jump Force Mugen Apk is an offline game designed by TrafalgarLawzz. Gamers can play the application offline by installing it on their Android smartphones. Play a game against a top-notch anime character who can make decisive moves.

This game draws ideas from popular anime series. However, when it comes to the generation of gameplay, Play Station desktops were the first to receive gameplay development. 

Then, this version was constructed to meet the requirements of Windows computer users. However, all computer platforms support playing the game. But most people prefer 2D games on their Android cellphones.

What is Jump Force Mugen Apk?

Jump Force Mugen Apk is the name of a three-dimensional fighting game. This popular game features anime characters from One Piece and Naruto. The Jump Force Mugen Apk notably features both Jump Force and Mugen.

The character selection menu, new start menu, and combat selection menu have all acquired other menu additions. The game has all of the anime series characters. This conflict features anime characters. Which is stronger? Improve your combat skills to make yourself more anxious.

Fans of Mugen can now play a fantastic new game. The Mugen anime game Jump Force Mugen Apk was based on the original game. This game is impressive, with three-dimensional anime crossovers and simple graphics.

Best Features of Jump Force Mugen Apk

Play In a Bossy Manner

You need to think that you are the boss in the Mugen Force apk game and have confidence in your ability to defeat the enemies. On the other hand, the opposing team constantly assaults you and seeks to have you removed from the operation. Therefore, you should execute the game correctly and devise a plan that considers your opponent’s moves.

Create A Time

You will battle with nasty foes in the most recent Jump Force Mugen game, and they will always pull you down. Therefore, if you want to advance, you must assemble a capable team. You downloaded and installed the jump force Mugen v1p apk for Android, but you continue to play it aimlessly. Make sure you’re prepared to attack the mission with all your might.

Beat Your Boss

Your success with the giant fish is inevitable. So that you can achieve this level, you know that your primary objective is to eliminate the opposing team’s boss. If you want to go to the next level and avoid the scary boss on the following new levels, kill them.

Stunning Anime Characters

The latest version of Jump Force Mugen apk features a limitless array of great & well-known anime characters. In addition to many more, these characters may be found in shows like Dragon Ball Super, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, One Punch, and Hunter x Hunter. You will undoubtedly be awed by these characters’ looks and skills.

In addition, Goku fans will be thoroughly thrilled with the return of Goku God, Goku Oman Ultra Instinct, Naruto Six Path, and Gon.

Amazing 3D graphics

This game is a terrific pick if you are a true fan of three-dimensional fighting games. Because this website offers excellent graphics with cutting-edge artwork and design. Additionally, all of the anime characters’ motions in the Jump Force Mugen Lite apk will create an eye-catching scene for you.

Additionally, magnificent dark themes and styles are used to design the new battlefields. The acoustic quality, on the other hand, closely resembles the fighting techniques and styles.

Easily Modifiable Game

The user may easily change everything because of the system’s high level of customization and upgrading. However, before spending virtual game currency on their full fighting and evading abilities in Jump Force Ultimate Mugen, you must first unlock the characters from Jump Force Mugen V7.

The characters can give you 100% output if you fully upgrade them. Therefore, it will become much simpler and simpler to defeat the bosses of the opposition quickly.

Free To Play

Most of the time, you must pay real money to get all the features while looking to download this game from the Google Play Store. In addition, the original version’s high levels and well-known characters can only be unlocked by logging into the premium pack.

It costs the typical category player money. Because of this, we are releasing a new customized version so that our devoted clients can unlock all the features for free. Therefore, please obtain the jump force Mugen system requirements at this time.

New Features of Jump Force Mugen Apk

  • Characters in the making

There are many different game genres available for anime.

  1. Goku’s last inclination. The master in charge
  2. The appearance of Saitama Luffy startled me. Characterizes the one-piece series
  3. Manga mode two!
  4. Inuyasha
  5. Characters from Hunter x Hunter
  6. In the new arena for Dragon Ball Fighting, there are additional characters.
  7. Yo-gi-oh!
  8. game mods
  • Modes of Play

For each battle, you can choose the most dangerous opponent team. You can choose three characters for your team.

Each player selects three players from their squad and three from the opposing team. The game gives the player the option to select his favorite team and play against a rival team of his choice.

Single-game arcade option only allows you to select one player to compete against, in contrast to the team game arcade mode. In this game, you can select just one warrior, but so does your opponent. As a result, you can pick up individual abilities and hone your combat skills.


If we talk about the gaming experiences and significant game elements, we found the game files stuffed with personalized options, combat maps, and intricate character designs. To make the game easier to play.

These arcade buttons now have a sensitive arrow option. The hero will move forward on both sides with any additional clicks made on those arrows. For heated conflict, there are extra circle buttons. The character’s combat abilities can be increased by simply pressing some buttons.

To improve the gameplay’s charm and creativity. There are currently over 300 new, original anime characters. In addition, 47 battle maps have already been integrated into the gameplay for a better experience. The 2D game will feature two-dimensional gameplay.

Along with single-player matches, fans can also play multiplayer games. Gamers can achieve this by selecting the game option from the primary interface. In addition, the player will be able to participate in 4v4 battles thanks to their capacity to utilize team play.


Keep in mind that no registering nor subscribing is required. Players can also choose the training session to understand the gaming environment. Therefore, get Jump Force Mugen Mobile from our page if you’re fascinated and searching for a trustworthy site to buy the most current version.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading Jump Force Mugen Apk instantly?


  • Direct downloads of the application are available from the third-party website in any version. In addition, you can access the app archives for most versions and download them based on your requirements.
  • Downloading is instantaneous. Unlike Play Store, you do not have to queue for the review process.
  • After downloading, there is an APK file on your storage card or system memory. As a result, you can repeatedly delete and reinstall them without downloading them.


  • Google often does not monitor app downloads from outside sources. Therefore, it can damage your phone.
  • APK files could be infected with malware that destroys or steals data from your phone.
  • Because your apps typically lack access to the Google Play Store, they will not automatically update.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has answered your questions regarding the Jump Force Mugen App Apk. So, download it today for Android & PC and start playing.  It is safe to download APK files, which have practically all applications from every genre and category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Jump Force Mugen available on Android?

A: Yes, you are allowed to download this game for free on an Android phone.

Q: Who among the characters in Jump Force Mugen is the strongest?

A; The game’s most robust character is Zoro.

Q: Can Jump make Mugen playable on Android devices?

A: Okay, android-powered devices can be used to play this game.

Q: What is ultimate jump force used for?

A: The pro items and weaponry are obtained through the ultimate function. As a result, you should download the paid version and practice your combat techniques.

Jump Force Mugen Apk v10 For Android
Download Jump Force Mugen Apk v10 For Android 
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