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Obey Me! MOD APK v6.4.2 (Freeze Enemy/VIP Unlocked)

Obey Me! MOD APK v6.4.2 (Freeze Enemy/VIP Unlocked)
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Do you want to enjoy meeting lots of women or men to date? Then download the Obey Me Mod Apk game and ask the lovely males and females for dates. You can play amazing games with sensational stories in addition to dating in this adventurous game.

Seven demon characters are present in this game, and you can engage with them to form bonds of friendship. For the seven ones, call or message this attractive demon. It also has a fascinating computer game. We will discuss this game further below in this article.

What is Obey Me Mod Apk?

Well-known creator NTT Solmare Corp. created this fantastic game. This game has been downloaded by more than 30 million people globally. The characters in the Otome dating simulation game Obey Me Mod Apk become a part of your daily routine. So if you are single and wish for someone to spend time with, you can look for a new companion to chat and have fun with. This one is one of the finest dating apps for women and girls.

This app features incredible, attractive, and endearing male characters who combine various other characteristics. Additionally, it improves the player’s experience by giving the part a more dynamic and appealing appearance through anime graphic elements. Participants are promised the most dramatic and romantic finds in the game’s core.

Obey Me!


Seven demon siblings are waiting for you in Obey Me Mod Apk with many tasks. If you want to play such a fantastic game, obtain it from our website by following the simple instructions. Additionally, downloading this game from our website is safe and virus-free.

People feel obligated to play it by the straightforward and fantastic action. Additionally, it offers mini-games that let participants have authentic experiences. Enjoy the different characters and defeat the enemies that are there. You can also experience this thrilling security breach game with unlocked pro features, by the way.

Play the game of card fights there. The card game has two teams and three players on each squad. You will be considered the game’s winner if you dance in the club and perform better while earning all the points. So try it out, take on the varied tasks, and discover new abilities.

Obey Me! mod apk

Obey Me Mod Apk Features

Many Unique Characters

It has a large capacity of characters who may significantly change the plot in this multi-application, and the game provides players with the most recent mysteries and findings everywhere. Since each part is very similar in nature, behavior, personality, impression, and expression, each Communication is passionate and funny. Additionally, every character has served differently to establish the rule that produces amazing surprises when users find genuine love.

Obey Me! mod apk1

Make Your Own Happy Home

Give your loved ones more time if you want to create a positive and joyful atmosphere in your house. First, you must strengthen your bonds with others and send cards to your kids. Then, you use your talent to give a passionate kiss. Finally, make an attractive harem full of passionate males. They will always be pleased for you and have a deep affection for you. You earn it, so you can keep communicating with them via text and calling.

Join Up for Card War

Users can participate in another Dance Battle Screen instead of the gameplay that explores the vibrant but attractive story. All squad groups in the dance battle consist of three people. Therefore, you do not need to engage in combat to win. But the winner is the one who fills up the entire point bar. To avoid giving your enemies any chance of winning and taking the lead in the game, you must simultaneously manage exact actions within the game.

Unique Mini-Games for Amusement

Obey Me Mod Apk will add fun mini-games to keep players entertained and let them explore the storylines and engage with the various characters. They will have more opportunities to use the rewards strategically due to the variety of mini-games, winning over each guy’s affection. Additionally, the mini-games include unique and pleasant ideas, providing players with the most thrilling and reviving gameplay.

Take the Time to Read Anime Stories

With the help of a secret gameplay feature, the degree of communication you have with a character will determine how they perceive you. The process, where you do not spend much time with one individual, is incredibly realistic. Being close to you will be challenging for that person. It is essential to be fully aware of them. Your emotions for them will grow when you are near the seven characters.

Obey Me! apk mod

Intuitive and Unique User Interface

The game has many visual improvements over other relationship simulator games, making it more comfortable for players. Additionally, it makes it simple for them to use any feature or tool and to process any documents or advice from any character. The interface’s design constantly has a significant impact and allows the player to explore the gameplay or story in great detail.

One of those possible date simulators is Obey Me Mod Apk ios, in which the player is submerged in the boys’ admiration and then takes advantage of the crucial components. Additionally, it adds more humor and entertainment, increasing the variety of gameplay based on each player’s study of their progress.

Unlimited Skills

You can get the premium unlocked features from this website after obtaining the modified Obey Me Mod Apk. Similar to having unlimited resources, you can accomplish anything with unlimited skills. However, you will need to spend money on that if you play this app’s original version because you will not have access to unlimited skills.

Unlimited Coins And Money

Obey Me Mod Apk unlimited money offers its players unlimited coins and money while they complete complex tasks and levels. You will encounter challenges in the game, so take them on to earn lots of money and coins. Players can strengthen their characters in this game to give them more power and enhance their abilities.

However, doing this will cause you to spend your money. Decorate your character effectively and enjoy meeting women from around the world in different places.

Multiplayer Game

The online option for this game is available, so select it to play with your friends and loved ones online. You can easily beat other players if you master all of the mini-games.


After a few days, some intriguing games are not allowed, but this one is an anti-banned game. It is available for play whenever players want.

Obey Me mod

Everything Unlocked

Try the modified version from our website if you want to take advantage of everything in-game that has been unlocked. You can also benefit from Obey Me Mod Apk unlimited devil points.


In game players create characters and choose from them. You could spend hours exploring the many love stories in it. You may call and text your partners to establish friendships and relationships with them. It also offers all the premium features that are beneficial for every user. Download now and enjoy the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platforms are supported by the Obey Me Mod Apk?

A: Android phones, tablets, laptops, smart devices, and more are among the platforms that are enabled. This game works well on all platforms.

Q: Is the game available for free download?

A: Yes, you can download Obey Me Mod Apk for free from our website. Therefore, get it without cost and use it on your smart devices.

Q: Does Obey Me Mod Apk secure my data?

A: Your data is secure in this game because it has high alert security.

[Upgrade Description for version 6.4.2]
・Buttons for ads would sometimes not appear
・Login bonuses would sometimes take time to display
・The promotion icon for the 0 AP promotion would sometimes not appear over Your Tasks
Obey Me! MOD APK v6.4.2 (Freeze Enemy/VIP Unlocked)
Download Obey Me! MOD APK v6.4.2 (Freeze Enemy/VIP Unlocked) 
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