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Pinterest Reaches 450 Million Monthly Users, Focuses on Making Videos ‘Shoppable’

Pinterest Reaches 450 Million Monthly Users, Focuses on Making Videos ‘Shoppable’

Pinterest, the famous visual discovery and bookmarking platform, has reached a significant milestone with 450 million monthly users. This online platform is known for its unique approach to discovery and inspiration, where users can explore and save ideas for future projects, events, and purchases.

As Pinterest continues to grow and evolve, the company focuses on making videos ‘shoppable’ to enhance the user experience and drive even more engagement. This article will explore this new feature and what it means for Pinterest users and businesses.


Enhancing User Experience with Shoppable Videos

The main goal of shoppable videos on Pinterest is to enhance the user experience by making it easier for users to discover and purchase products they are interested in. With shoppable videos, users can now watch videos that showcase products and purchase them directly from the video. This makes it easier for users to explore and discover new products and ideas, ultimately driving more business engagement and sales.


Benefits for Businesses

The introduction of shoppable videos on Pinterest offers numerous benefits for businesses, including increased visibility and exposure, improved customer engagement, and increased sales. With the ability to showcase products interactively and engagingly, businesses can attract more potential customers and drive more sales. Additionally, businesses can track the performance of their shoppable videos and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies.


How it Works

Shoppable videos on Pinterest work by embedding product tags within the video. When users hover over the product tag, they can view more information about the product, including its price and description. Then, if they are interested in purchasing the product, they can click on the tag and be directed to the product page, where they can complete the purchase.


Best Practices for Shoppable Videos

To get the most out of shoppable videos on Pinterest, businesses should follow best practices, including:


  • Creating high-quality and engaging videos that showcase their products
  • Embedding product tags in a subtle and non-intrusive way
  • Providing complete and accurate product information, including descriptions and prices
  • Tracking the performance of shoppable videos to identify areas for improvement.

Drawbacks of Shoppable Videos on Pinterest

The introduction of shoppable videos on Pinterest comes with some potential drawbacks, including technical challenges, increased competition, the potential for misrepresentation of products, and increased costs for businesses. Technical challenges may arise for small businesses that need more resources or expertise to create and manage shoppable videos, while increased competition could lead to a more crowded marketplace. Misrepresentation of products could lead to customer satisfaction and increased sales. Creating and managing shoppable videos can also be time-consuming and expensive, which could be a challenge for businesses with limited resources.


In conclusion, Pinterest’s focus on making videos ‘shoppable’ offers numerous benefits for both users and businesses. By enhancing the user experience and providing a more interactive and engaging way for businesses to showcase their products, Pinterest is positioning itself as a leader in online discovery and inspiration. So, shoppable videos on Pinterest are worth exploring whether you are a business looking to improve your marketing strategy or a user seeking inspiration and new ideas.

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