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Download Tahu Bulat 2 v2.8.2 APK (MOD, Free shopping)

Download Tahu Bulat 2 v2.8.2 APK (MOD, Free shopping)
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A lot of players all over the world are interested in the well-liked mobile game Tahu Bulat 2. Players in this casual game must market tofu on the streets of Indonesia. Own Games, a well-known game creator, was responsible for making the game. The game’s modified version, Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk, provides players with additional features. This article will review the Mod Apk in-depth and offer helpful information about the game.

What is Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk?

A modified version of the original Tahu Bulat 2 game is called Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk. It provides a few additional elements not present in the original game. Players can buy every object in the game without concern for cost because the modded version gives them unlimited money. Additionally, it provides unlimited energy, allowing users to play the game for as long as they like without waiting to refill their energy.


A casual game called Tahu Bulat 2 centers on tofu sales on Indonesian sidewalks. The action is straightforward, addictive, and gives players a unique experience.

Players in the game guide a character around the city while pulling a cart loaded with tofu. The character engages with various customers and sells them tofu to make money. Players must use charm and wit to convince consumers to purchase their tofu.

The gameplay has several stages, each with its obstacles and goals. Players begin the game with a set quantity of money and tofu and must sell their products to increase their starting balance. They can access new characters and improve their equipment to boost sales as they advance through the game.

A day and night cycle is present in the game, impacting players’ actions and desire to purchase tofu. Customers are more likely to buy tofu during the day but are more selective and expect higher-quality goods. Conversely, customers are less demanding but less apt to purchase tofu at night.

Players must carefully balance selling tofu and creating new goods with managing their time and resources. Additionally, they can communicate with other players and compete with them to offer the most tofu.

The game provides an enjoyable and distinctive gameplay experience that is simple to learn but challenging to perfect. You will need determination, strategy, and a little luck to win.

Tahu Bulat 2

Tahu Bulat 2 General Features

Different Tofu Recipes

The game provides players with a variety of tofu recipes that they can use to create various kinds of tofu. These dishes include options for tofu that is plain, sauced, fried, and more. First, players must gather multiple materials for each recipe, such as soybeans, water, and spices. Then, players can try various recipes to determine which ones are the most successful.

Customizable Cart

Players can add various colors and patterns to their cart to make it stand out and look good. They can select from multiple cart designs and color patterns to distinguish their cart from others. Players can offer more tofu and attract customers by creating a distinctive and eye-catching cart.

Upgradable Equipment

Players can upgrade their equipment, such as the frying pan and knife, to produce tofu of higher quality. The upgrades can speed up the tofu-making process and improve quality, enabling players to offer more tofu in less time. The money that players make from selling tofu can be used to improve their tools.

Tahu Bulat 2

Various Characters 

The game includes different characters that players can unlock as they progress. Players can sell more tofu by using the unique skills and abilities that each character has to offer. For instance, some characters can attract more consumers while others can raise the standard of the tofu.

Day and Night Cycle

The game includes a day and night cycle that affects player conduct and tofu purchases. Customers are more apt to purchase tofu during the day but are also pickier and expect higher-quality goods. Customers are less demanding but less apt to purchase tofu at night. Players must modify their strategies based on the day’s hours and customer behavior.


The game provides several mini-games that players can engage in to gain additional resources and cash. There are also memory exercises and tofu-making tasks in these mini-games. Players can earn other resources and develop skills by participating in these mini-games.

Social Interactions

Players can discuss with one another and compete to offer the most tofu. They can invite friends to play the game and post updates about their progress on social media. The social component of the game increases engagement and introduces a competitive factor.

Tahu Bulat 2


Various in-game achievements are available for players to earn after achieving specific goals and challenges. These accomplishments include making a particular sum of money, unlocked characters, and tofu sales. A feeling of accomplishment from unlocking achievements can encourage players to keep playing the game.

Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money 

The game provides players unlimited money, enabling them to buy every object in the game without worrying about money. With the help of this feature, players can advance through the game more rapidly and access every feature without any limitations.

Unlimited Energy

The game’s modded version gives players unlimited energy, allowing them to play for as long as they like without having to stop and wait for their energy to refuel. Due to this feature, players can play the game continuously and finish every job without taking a break.


The game does not contain ads, allowing users to play uninterruptedly. With the help of this feature, gamers can enjoy a smooth gaming experience free from pop-ups and other distractions.

New Characters

The game’s modded edition includes a few new characters that are not present in the original version. These new characters’ unique talents and traits can help players sell more tofu and quickly advance through the game.

Simple Controls 

Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk has simple controls that allow players to enjoy the game without problems. Players can quickly move around the game thanks to the intuitive and efficient controls.

Tahu Bulat 2


Tahu Bulat 2 Mod APK’s numerous features, such as unlimited money and energy, new characters, simple controls, and unlocked features, give players an improved and more pleasurable gaming experience. Furthermore, players can completely immerse themselves in the game and succeed as the best tofu seller due to the addition of an ad-free environment, customizable cart, upgradeable equipment, day and night cycle, mini-games, and social interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk playable offline?

A: Yes, the players can enjoy the game without an internet connection, but they will not have access to the social networking feature.

Q: How can I upgrade my Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk equipment?

A: Players must make money by selling tofu to update their equipment, such as the frying pan and knife. The money can then be used to upgrade their equipment in the game’s upgrade area.

Q: Can I customize my Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk cart?

A: Yes, players can change the appearance of their cart by adding new designs and decorations they buy from the game’s upgrade menu. Then, they can add these patterns to their cart to give it a distinctive appearance.

Q: Can I communicate with other Tahu Bulat 2 Mod Apk players?

A: Yes, players can give gifts and add other players as friends to engage with them in-game. Players can only access this function if they are online and connected to the internet.

Download Tahu Bulat 2 v2.8.2 APK (MOD, Free shopping)
Download Download Tahu Bulat 2 v2.8.2 APK (MOD, Free shopping) 
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