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Toca Life World MOD APK v1.60 (All Unlocked)

Toca Life World MOD APK v1.60 (All Unlocked)
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With Toca Life World, Toca Boca has given kids access to entertainment. This game is a part of the Toca Life series. It was developed to provide youngsters with a fun, creative, and secure playground.

The current kid-friendly game series Toca Life has several excellent games that encourage creativity or amuse players in an infinite environment. Toca Life World stimulates kids’ imaginations and broadens their understanding of the fascinating world. Toca Life World is the series’ most notable game, which allows players to freely create a life or a whole world with their distinct style. In addition, it provides a range of fun activities for families that will provide a lifetime of memories and elevate gaming to the level of the ideal family game.

What is Toca Life World mod Apk?

From the popular Toca Boca series, Toca Life World mod apk is an educational game for kids. This time, users will only find something new if the project’s objective is to combine all the preceding games. Instead, gamers are given a vast universe filled with well-known things and features. This will allow everyone to fully express their ideas because you can engage with nearly any topic and create your narrative here. There are numerous heroes, around fifty locales, and other intriguing stuff.

Here, you can quickly configure your daily modeling gameplay and open up intriguing in-game features showing you a whole city full of opportunities. Have fun guiding attractive and distinctive individuals about the city and taking them to many of its distinctive locations. As you advance, dive into various settings and use great in-game activities.

Best Features of Toca Life World mod apk

Make up your characters and architectural designs.

Android players can enjoy building their distinctive characters in the Toca Life World mod apk and introducing them to the Toca Life megacity. Create distinctive-looking city dwellers by using the available character customizations and trains. Enjoy the extraordinary facial alterations that let you freely adjust the looks and attitudes of your characters. Additionally, you may change the homes and other constructions you have in-game using the fantastic home remodeling tools of the Toca Life World mod apk.  As a result, Android gamers can experience Toca Life World’s personalized pretend-to-play gameplay.

All of your previous Toca Life games are on hand.

Those who already own a few Toca Life games and particular in-game buys can also retain everything and move it to their massive city of Toca Life. Play the classic Toca Boca games and participate in various fun pretend-play activities. To increase the size of your city, you can simultaneously acquire and unlock more people and buildings. As they add to your delight of Toca Life Universe, take pleasure in new plotlines and pretend play opportunities in new environments, make up tales and create a world.

Discover the new city’s locations and characters

This new Toca Boca game is available for Android users, who can freely interact with various new settings and characters. To unlock 8 other destinations, feel inclined to access the hair salon, the mall, and many other locations. Take pleasure in the 39 fascinating series of characters, each having a unique personality and quality. This guarantees you the most out of the Toca Life World mod apk.

Develop your own massive Toca Life world.

The Toca Life world mod apk app can access a multiverse with more than 50 fascinating locations. Freely interact with more than 300 fascinating people, each with a unique appearance and personality. You can also delight in more than 125 intriguing pets while adding unlimited cuteness to the game. Take part in as many Toca Life world mod apk activities as possible in this unified, coherent Toca Boca universe. You will also always have access to your vibrant, liberated city.

Enjoy incredible surprises each week.

Toca Life World players are introduced to various fascinating presents and outstanding awards every week. So play the game and take part in getting your exclusive prizes along the way. To help users enjoy their excellent mobile gameplay, they have access to fascinating and surprising prizes. Additionally, you may always relish the game and its amazing prizes owing to the stacking rewards.

Free and easy-to-use mobile gaming

Players can enjoy various personalization options, in-game materials, and an engaging simulation gameplay environment in the Toca Life World mod apk. Most importantly, the traditional pretend play game’s stress-free elements guarantee that players can unwind while playing. Not to add that the fantastic and educational gameplay will wow most gamers.


Since the Toca Life World mod apk is designed for young kids between 3 and 12, its subject matter is incredibly adorable. As you play the game, you will immerse yourself in the magical world and discover new things. There are no limitations, so you can do whatever you want, no matter how ludicrous it may seem. Taunting people, giving the granny a young hairdo, or just hanging out with pals

With the help of the other characters in this interactive playground, you may create your own story. You could also take your doctor to the hair salon, your tortoise to the roller rink, or your cat to study. Without restraints, explore the Toca Life World mod apk.

In this world, it is possible to interact with just about anything. Alternate the posters, make the librarian some tea, and doodle funny patterns on the board. The game will also occasionally present some funny characters that are hidden or have clown costumes. Finding them is enjoyable even if there is no financial investment.

For instance, if someone’s preferred line of work is sales at the playground. Children may wear whatever they like, selling them food or drinks or coaching them in a basketball game. You can also practice these tasks.

Sound and Image Quality

Sound and Music

You will be immersed in the colorful and realistic metropolis due to the fantastic auditory experiences and unique in-game features of the Toca Life World. Unlock upbeat music to go along with your enjoyable mobile gameplay. Enjoy intriguing sound effects and gameplay in Toca Life World to the fullest.


Due to the captivating and attractive in-game graphics, Android players of the Toca Life World mod apk, your world will have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the magnificent world of life simulation in this vibrant and engaging metropolis. Enjoy the captivating in-game animations, realistic character interactions, and stunning environmental graphics. Additionally, the basic in-game graphics ensure you may always get the most enjoyment out of the game.


Prepare to enter the fantastic world of Toca Life and enjoy the joyful city life on your smartphone. In the Toca Life World mod apk, you can freely use your imagination to devise new ways to participate in pretend play adventures: Build a planet and a series of stories. Unlock several new places, people, and in-game items while retaining the ones you already have. The free and unlocked versions will give you different reasons to enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it free to get the apk file?

A: Absolutely. The user of this program can download the apk file and use the services.

Q: Does the apk file include any viruses?

A: Yes, this app’s apk file is virus-free and will not damage the user’s operating system.

Q: Can we share a residence with other characters in Toca Life World Mod Apk instead of living alone?

A: In Toca Life World Mod Apk, we can live alongside other characters rather than by ourselves. It entirely relies on what we decide.

Q: How many characters can you get in Toca Life World Mod Apk for free?

A: In Mod Apk, 39 characters are automatically unlocked, while the remaining 300 require some unlocking.

Toca Life World MOD APK v1.60 (All Unlocked)
Download Toca Life World MOD APK v1.60 (All Unlocked) 
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