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Zombie Shooter Mod Apk v3.4.0 [Unlimited Money]

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk v3.4.0 [Unlimited Money]
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Zombie Shooter is the best action game in which you have to shoot all zombies spreading everywhere. The zombies are always thirsty for your blood, so you have to protect yourself and save humanity from its chaos, as zombies are killing everyone. If you don’t stop the zombie, they will kill you, and you will fail in your goal of saving the world. Moreover, there are many tasks and missions which you need to complete to survive against zombies. So, if you like action games with adventure, you can download the latest version of Zombie Shooter Mod Apk 2023 from our site.

Zombie Shooter is developed by 8floor games ltd and downloaded by millions of people from Google Play Store. In this game, you have to find out the reason why the virus spread among people. If you download the modified version of Zombie Shooter Mod Apk, you will get all premium features that are locked in the real game. These premium features are unlimited money, free skills, no ads, and more. Moreover, this modded version is ad-free, so players do not need to see the advertisements. 

This game provides you with multiple game modes with which you don’t feel bored by playing one mode. You have to face zombies in different ways and use your skills in every mode. While killing zombies, you can explore new places and collect different resources for survival. The game gives you lots of dangerous weapons to face zombies and complete the level to progress. Moreover, it would be best if you were careful because anytime you are attacked by the carnage of zombies. 

In this Zombie game, you will not only get weapons to destroy zombies, but you can also use the boosters, making your character more capable of facing zombies without threat. This game has multiple characters, so you have to choose the right one, and you can also upgrade the characters by levelling them up to enhance their fighting capacities. So, make strategies and use your skills to destroy all zombies.  

Mod Features of Zombie Shooter MOD Apk

Zombie Shooter Mod Apk gives you many modded features through which you can enjoy additional advantages while playing the game. Here we tell you about some mod features. 

Unlimited Money:

While dealing with zombies, you will need powerful weapons, characters, and boosters because the zombies are very robust. That’s why you have to gather money to unlock powerful characters and upgrade them. When you download our latest mod, you will get unlimited money with which you can buy anything you want to kill zombies.   

Free Skills:

The mod version gives you unlimited free skills, so you don’t need to spend money to unlock your favorite skills. When all skills are unlocked, your characters become powerful enough to deal with bloodthirsty zombies. But while playing the real game, you have to gather money to unlock new skills and level up the character.   

Unlocked Features:

In the modified version, you can enjoy all unlocked features free of cost without paying a single penny from your pocket. You don’t need to struggle to collect money when you get all the features. In the official version, you have to spend real money to get all unlocked features because of the various in-game purchases. 

General Features of Zombie Shooter:

Zombie Shooter has many fantastic features that increase players’ excitement while killing zombies and completing missions. Some features are given below.  

Destroy All Zombies:

In the Zombie Shooter game, you must destroy all zombies using your shooting skills. Protect yourself from zombie attacks, as they are always ready to drink your blood. You have many destructive weapons and grenades to kill zombies and save the world from destruction. In the game, you have to complete zombie waves which are not easy as you deal with 100 zombies at a time. Moreover, you can explore new and unique places to kill zombies as they are spread everywhere.   

Powerful Weapons:

In this game, you will get powerful weapons and grenades to kill zombies. Initially, you have only a single weapon and 2 types of grenades which are not strong enough to destroy powerful zombies. So, you have to unlock other upgradable weapons and grenades by collecting money. The game gives you more than 10 weapons with 9 upgradable weapons and grenades from which you can pick any you want. You can also switch between the weapons according to your need while playing the game and upgrade them to enhance their capability.    

Different Modes:

Zombie Shooter gives you different game modes, which gives you a separate level of adventure and thrill. These game modes include Survival, Campaign, and Gun Stand Mode. The Campaign mode is time-based; you have to remain alive until the time is complete. This mode makes you more efficient and increases your performance for difficult modes. 


In the Survival mode, you will face lots of difficulties because they are more complex than other modes. The Gun Stand Mode is for testing the capabilities of guns. While playing this mode, your weapon switches automatically according to your requirement and fires continuously on zombies.      

Multiple Characters:

This game gives you multiple characters, each with different fighting skills. You can select any character according to your desire. But to unlock every character, you need money. So, collect money and unlock destructive weapons to destroy all bloodthirsty zombies. The game also offers you an upgrade option with which you can upgrade the killing powers of your weapons. Moreover, after completing any level, your character level will also be increased, which increases your health points and fighting capabilities.   

My Review:

This zombie game includes in my top favoirte action games because it has lots of thrill for the player. In the game, you have to try to stop the zombies from destroying the world. For this purpose, use strong weapons and upgrade your characters. The most exciting feature of this game is that you can discover new places and enjoy the unique location as you are free to go anywhere to kill zombies. Moreover, the modded game gives you free skills which you can use to complete the missions while facing the zombies. I suggest this game to those who want to save the world from zombies like a hero. 

FAQs About The Zombie Shooter MOD Apk:

Is the mod version of Zombie Shooter legal?

The modified version of Zombie Shooter is 100% safe and legal to use on all your devices. We provide a safe mod game so you can play it without compromising your security.   

Is this game online or offline?

This game is offline, so you don’t need an internet connection to play this game. With this option, you can enjoy this game at any time.   

How can you get all the unlocked features in this game?

To get all unlocked features, you can download the updated mod version of Zombie Shooter Mod Apk, which gives you all features for free.

Can you play this game without watching advertisements?

This mod version removes all annoying pop-up ads for free, so you can play the game and kill zombies without disturbance. 


In the above article, we have told you everything about Zombie Shooter Mod Apk with all its modded features. In the game, you will face zombies who try to demolish the world by killing all people and infecting them with the virus. Use strong weapons and boosters to destroy zombies and save people. Moreover, all premium features with free skills are unlocked in the mod version of the game. So, if you want to play the best action shooting game and face zombies, you should try the updated version of this game. I hope you like this game. Thanks for coming to our site. 

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Zombie Shooter Mod Apk v3.4.0 [Unlimited Money]
Download Zombie Shooter Mod Apk v3.4.0 [Unlimited Money] 
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